Paths and Portals

Providing a range of services including Divination, Oracular Mediumship, Seidr, Curse Unraveling and Compassionate Depossession

Awakening to your True Nature and Purpose

Sometimes we can feel stuck, in turmoil or directionless. Wondering why we might not feel complete emotionally, physically or spiritually. Feeling like if we could just have a personal map for all our aspects, we’d be able to not only survive upheaval or interference, but flourish.
Explore and clear blockages that may have occurred at any time throughout our lifetimes because change and healing is not only possible, but within our right.

Living with clarity and ease

Factors such as past or present personal and family relationships, ancestors, agreements or trauma can all affect us in many obvious and hidden ways. When we are free of carrying what isn’t ours or what we desire to be done with, our path becomes clearer and easier. We can experience not only relief, but expand into our true selves.

Healing the Past to live in the Present

Providing past life readings to examine not only the specific lives that impact your current concerns or issues, but also addressing aspects from past lives that may need healing. Insights and healing into current relationships, career choices or even why we feel inexplicably compelled, stuck or triggered in certain aspects of our lives.

Disclaimer: These services are not a substitute for medical care with a licensed doctor or healthcare provider.