Long distance appointments are perfectly possible. After a brief chat via email or phone, if it is believed that a client’s needs can be met, an appointment via phone, Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc can be scheduled. Remote sessions can be optimal in certain situations. Due to significant time zone challenges, strong client preference, or scheduling challenges, an appointment can be done remotely— a client could be sleeping or relaxing in their own home while the work is done on their behalf with a complete report via phone or email following the appointment.

Limited in-person sessions are available in the Seattle area. If you plan to travel to the area for an appointment, multiple appointments can be scheduled to optimize your time while in the area. All the work, whether in person or by phone or video, is done in a very tightly controlled and intentioned setting where both the client's and Doris's spaces are brought in together.

All first-time appointments are scheduled for 2 hours. Additional appointments may range from 1-2 hours depending on symptoms, situations, and goals. Payment is 50% of the fee at the time of scheduling and balance due on the day of the appointment. All appointments scheduled in Pacific time zone.


If you have a current client for whom you feel there is some type of obstacle to progressing or feel there is a hidden or unknown pattern, but are unable to discern exactly how to approach or perhaps your allies and guides have urged caution, please contact Doris.

Using her mediumistic skills, Doris can access your client (with their consent) and essentially give voice for them so that if a clearing such as a depossession or curse unraveling (to name a few) is necessary, it can gently and easily happen. Having a medium standing in for your client can allow you, as a practitioner, access to more parts of your client as together we work for the benefit of your client.


Sessions with shamanic practitioners or energy healers/workers are 1-2 hours, depending on what you would like to learn or discuss. Please contact Doris for further discussion of possibilities.


If your appointment is for a form or type of clearing, there are some helpful things to know and do before and after your appointment.

In the day(s) leading up to an appointment, it can be quite common to feel anxious or nervous. Maybe even a bit scattered. It is normal. Adequate or increased rest can help.

If you can, schedule yourself at least an hour or two of “me time” after the appointment to allow your body and mind time to process what has happened during the session. It can be helpful to take a walk or sit outside in nature and relax. It is best if you do not have to drive a car or engage in an activity that requires a great amount of concentration immediately following a session as some clients report feeling “spacey” or a bit out of their bodies after an appointment.

After a session, clients can sometimes feel physically depleted. Foods that have been helpful to you in the past when recuperating or restoring oneself after an illness can be useful to have on hand after an appointment. Items such as electrolytes/coconut water, bone broth (or foods made with it), and vitamins/supplements are items which clients have reported as helpful. Restorative baths with Epsom salt or shower salt scrubs can be useful for our physical bodies to process what has happened during the session**. Freshly laundered sheets, towels, and bedclothes for the night immediately following the appointment can help ‘reset’ the area where we spend a significant portion of our lives.

**None of these suggestions listed are intended as a substitute for guidance from a licensed medical professional. Always consult your doctor with any medical questions or concerns.

Disclaimer: These services are not a substitute for medical care with a licensed doctor or healthcare provider.